After Effects Classes at the Media Arts Center SD

During the month of September 2015, my friends at the Digital Gym invited me to host a series of classes on Adobe After Effects. I have many interests that somehow end up relating to my work. One of the best ways that I have discovered to speed up my learning of techniques or systems is to share what little I can with anyone interested in a similar subject. However a class on such a broad subject was initially intimidating and a bit out of my comfort zone. However after breaking down some of my favorite features and techniques I was able to divide the class into 3 main sections – Day one consisted of a general introduction to the software. Day 2 was all about Effects and 3D Integration. Finally day 3 was devoted to Animation tools and how they relate to the 12 Basic Principles. This opportunity actually became a fantastic way to catch up on many forgotten and essential rules to maximizing my user experience with the software. I strongly recommend to other artists who feel confident about a specific discipline to share what they know and in return they will be learning so much more than they ever though. Special thanks to Kania Hayes, Program Associate at the Media Arts Center SD for all of her encouragement and support, as well as my “students” for attending, asking great questions! You can find out more about many other courses offered at the Digital Gym here.