FX Dojo: Presentations

It is not often I get a chance to present my personal experiences working as an artist in the commercial world of design and advertising. Capitalizing on my strengths in order to make a living is not always as easy and profitable as people think. Between January and April of this year I was asked by Otto Lai, founder of FX Dojo, to do just that. FX Dojo was established in 2012 to promote Digital Art within the San Diego community. During these talks I was able to share tips and techniques on subjects such as, selling microstock, freelancing, and networking. I am humbled to say I never thought I’d be giving advice or motivating others to pursue their dreams in a creative industry. However FX Dojo has been providing the tools and classes to empower the next generation of creative thinkers, and I am proud to make a small contribution to their organization.


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