SDAG at MACSD: Showcases 2013

During the last 6 months I have been contributing my time to the San Diego Animation Group in hopes of creating a stronger community for local media artists. SDAG is comprised of over 180 members representing many different media disciplines. Currently we have been hosting screenings at the Media Arts Center San Diego and monthly Meetup events at local bars and restaurants. Many thanks to Ethan Van Thillo, founder / executive director, and Lisa Franek, artistic director at MACSD for their generosity and support! MACSD has graciously provided us with access to their state-of-the-art film theater for our first screening on July 19, 2013. “Focus on San Diego” showcased some amazing works by up-and-coming talent.

Later in September SDAG was invited for an encore screening as part of the San Diego Film Consortium’s 1 year anniversary celebration. We are very fortunate to have such great partners and hope to continue nurturing our SoCal film community. Following are the opening credits I created for both events.

fosd-oc2 from Pixel RGB on Vimeo.

For Halloween, SDAG was back at the Media Arts Center, hosting an outdoor screening of new animated works from both individuals and local companies with the goal of highlighting great work being produced in our community. Special thanks to our DJ, Simon Taylor for his awesomeness and time! Following is the opening credits I created for the event.



Thanks to all of our sponsors for their kindness and support: MACSD, VONS, Thrift Trader, and Spunnys